Metrology 4.0

The Smart Factory will be made possible by Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) whereby manufacturing processes are interconnected and adapted real time based upon actionable data flowing both upstream and downstream. Within the modular structure of a Smart Factory, cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes, creating  a virtual copy of the physical world and real-time making decentralized decisions. Metrology 4.0, integral in the overall concept, is responsible for providing the necessary actionable data to control both product quality and the manufacturing processes.

4.0 Processes

Metrology will become fully integral to the manufacturing process, even if not all measuring system are physically embedded, and will be integrated through connected real-time data-flow. Automation will play a key role in measurement tasks removing the traditional metrology islands of post production inspection from the manufacturing cycle. More measurements will be performed by Smart Sensors integrated directly into manufacturing processes providing real-time adaptive control.

Metrology 4.0 is the next metrology revolution and will in effect be the dynamic data supply engine for Industry 4.0 implementation and play a significant role in the upcoming Smart Factory creation. It is expected that much of the ‘closed’ metrology equipment and software in use today will be rendered obsolete as inter-connectivity and autonomous operation become prerequisites of next generation metrology solutions.

4.0 Design Principles

The 4 design principles of Industry 4.0 are:

  • Interoperability: The ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of People (IoP).
  • Information transparency: The ability of information systems to create a virtual copy of the physical world by enriching digital plant models with sensor data. This requires the aggregation of raw sensor data to higher-value context information.
  • Technical assistance: Assistance systems support humans by aggregating and visualizing information comprehensibly for making informed decisions and solving urgent problems. Second, the ability of cyber physical systems to physically support humans by conducting a range of tasks.
  • Decentralized decisions: The ability of cyber physical systems to make decisions on automatically and perform tasks as autonomously.

Smart Factory Video

“Audi is making its production fit for the future with the Smart Factory. A method of production in which Audi might no longer build its cars on an assembly line but according to a radically new, disruptive concept is modular assembly. In addition to this major project, Audi is pursuing many other exciting projects for the production of the future – from the application of virtual reality glasses to metal 3D printing.” For more information:

Watch the Audi Smart Factory – Future of Audi Production video below.

Metrology 4.0 Domain

The internet domain is available to any company interested in the promotion of its metrology 4.0 related hardware and software products.

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